Our Dogs

Meet our loving bullmastiffs

Our dogs are our companions and the light of our lives. Some of them are show dogs and some of them are just simply our wonderful companions. We occasionally breed our dogs for the betterment of the bullmastiff’s health and standard, but before we do we screen our dogs through OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) according to the ABA’s (American Bullmastiff Association) Health & Research Committee’s recommendations. More specifically, the ABA recommends hip, elbow, eye, and thyroid evaluation as well as a cardiac exam. This ensures that certain health concerns will not continue on into future generations if either parent does have any present.

Ladies First

Our girls are so intelligent and so fun to be around. They light up our world and our home. Everyone that meets them falls in love with them.

The Boys

Our boys are so wonderful and hold true to the character of the bullmastiff. They are our guardians and they love and serve us with their lives. They love all of our grandchildren as well and they are so sweet and gentle with them.