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Cannonball Cancer


2017 We donated a puppy for the Gala.

Larry Meador

Got Cannon

This year we just sold a puppy to Chris and Raquel Robinson

They just donated the money to Cannonball Cancer. Thanks so much for helping.

We will be donating a puppy every year. So if want to play part PLEASE let me know. I do keep in touch with owners. I do not act and not verify placements. So please if any questions. Feel free to call and ask. Chose to place puppy and let them donate the money to Cannonball Cancer this time so there wouldn't be any mis interpritations. My whole heart is with them and wish I could do more.


1 Brindle Girl


Elsa daughters Born 2/11/17

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How and when to use Essential oils for dogs

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Sweet Pea /Ana /Symba /

My name is Toni Donovan. My husband is Jeff. We live in Polk City Florida. You can reach me through email.

Or you can text or call me at (863) 661- 5630

I do OFA. Elbows.eyes and heart testing

We love Bullmastiffs and love all our dogs. Feel free to call me if I can help you get the perfect kid for your family. I always trust God that every puppy has the perfect fit. With a long blessed life.

(863) 661 5630


SO Proud Westminster won BOS





Bullmastiff puppy for sale



The Bullmastiffs are bred to protect. Training is needed for control of a Big Dog. Some say they are hard to train. The answer is yes but also no. They are hard to train to do something that is against their nature. Like fighting or hunting pigs etc. They are a great family dog. They think you want kisses and need to hold them in your lap. They just love to be near you. Most have to just touch you with their big paw. They will go any where with you. They are great at traveling. They love to sleep and be lazy. Traveling is right up their alley. They will be your shadow. Also teach you about unconditional love. Other than God I have found no other faithful and unconditional Love. Most all dogs never remember your wrongs. But the Bully has a greater need to please you.


Personal Message

Please study Stages of Development & Socializing.

When you first bring your puppy home between 8 - 11 weeks it is really important to not allow exposure to bad behavior or any trauma. Protect them because at this point it could affect them all their life. The young are taught by the older so be careful what you are allowing this strong awesome dog to see and participate in. What might be cute now will not be at 130 pounds.

Tips on Dog Training

I liked this Thank you Dave Leflet for sharing it

We Have Puppies

Marlie & Django

Born 10/10/17

1 Girl


7.5 Months



Django puppies for sale Django puppies for sale Django puppies for sale

Django puppies for sale

Django puppies for sale Django puppies for sale Django puppies for sale

Kali & Django


Born 6/20/18

5 Girl

3 available

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bullmastiff puppy for sale

bullmastiff puppy for sale bullmastiff puppy for sale bullmastiff puppy for sale
bullmastiff puppy for sale bullmastiff puppy for sale bullmastiff puppy for sale bullmastiff puppy for sale

bullmastiff puppy for sale

bullmastiff puppy for sale bullmastiff puppy for sale bullmastiff puppy for sale





Samba & Django

Born 1/26/2018

1 fawn Girl


Bullmastiff for sale
Bullmastiff for sale
Bullmastiff for sale
Bullmastiff for sale










Ana Ana Ana
Ana Ana Ana Ana



Ana Ana


Ana Ana Ana
Elsa Elsa Ana Ana
Visitors Ana


The Cable guys  Visitors

Homemade Dog Food

Check with your Vet before trying any of these. I found this information off line. Just sharing. Haven't tried all yet.

A Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog

I get the question about health issues all the time. WELL we can play part in the health of our Bully's. It is up to us to give them what they need to build their immune systems. I have been trying different things for years trying to see what is best for my Bully's.This is the way to have longer life and healthier Bully's

Nu Vet order today

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Ted's Aloe 4 Pets

click on picture to go to Ted's site


Our product is designed to be used as a daily food supplement and can also be used as a topical gel to be rubbed onto the hot spots. The ingredients that are used in our product include organically grown Aloe Vera juice, Nopal cactus juice, and flax seed extract. This combination provides an abundant amount of natural, digestible vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential enzymes.

This product is intended to be used topically and internally as food. For the hotspots, rub some of the product onto the affected area. This should provide temporary relief. The healing takes place by ingesting the product.
Aloe4Pets is made with organic aloe-vera juice, organic cactus juice and flaxseed extract.
The product is human grade and is processed in F.D.A approved facilities in close proximity to the fields in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.
I encourage the pet's owner to also enjoy a tablespoon of this drink along with the pet every day. By drinking aloe, cactus juices and the flax seed extract, the same benefits can be enjoyed by us humans. This combination works together to synchronized the health benefits.

Colloidal Silver

Information on awesome product which will save you a lot of money in treatments for your dog. No side affects. Just read info and reseach on how to use.

This is also great for people.

I do have my own machine and would be happy to ship some to you.

Or click Silver Lung to purchase your own machine to make it.

Silver Lung


I Love this program for moms and puppies. Recommend this to new puppy homes and breeders.

Click on logo.

Royal Canin

Life's Abundant Health Food

I am very excited to tell you about a new Dog Food. Trilogy has developed Life's Abundance Premium Health Food for Puppies and Adult Dogs. I will never again say that ALL Dog Food is garbage. Now I can say I love Life's Abundant Food. Check out site and see what you think. I believe our Bully's can have even a longer life span. I will even guarantee my pups longer if you place on this plan. I will also extend guarantee with Nu vet What a great thing. Problem is we should eat as well as this. Don't you want your Bully to have the greatest health ever. Well hear is your chance. You might say it cost too much. Well vet bills can be more for even minor issues this will resolve . You feed less, they gain a longer healthier life. You can become a rep. That will help to pay your food bill. Think about it. You don't have to do anything but share a good choice for our additions to our home. Please check out the site.

Healthy Pet Food

Please call to place your order. This is the only way they will let me know you ordered. Thanks so much.

When you order tell them Toni Donovan sent you with my #20027770

This will put you under my account. Please contact me if you order incase they don't.

Bullmastiff's are not for everyone. Study the breed , ask questions and make a Wise decision

Are They Good With Children

Hank & Boe

Bullmastiff's love children. They should never be left alone with small kids. They are a large dog and get excited easy. They could decide to sit on your child's lap or give them more kisses than they like. When you walk in a room their tail alone can rearrange the furniture.
When your puppy goes home
Dos and don'ts in socializing
House Training
How to socialize your puppy
Jumping Up
Crate Training
Chewing & Digging
Left Alone
Obedience Training
Why Do Puppies Hic-Up?
How to Care For Your Bullmastiff
Stages of Development & Socializing
Children's Role in Pet Care
I would like to help you find the perfect dog for your family. I believe my Dogs will be your Guardian Angel that you see. Love, protect, guard your gate coming in and going out. If you are looking for a Bullmastiff, Bull Dog. Guard Dog, Family Dog, Pet, Companion, Protection, or just something to fill the gap sense your kids are grown and gone. I think husbands and kids need the love of a Bully Puppy to have a healthy and good experience in life. Contact me. I will help you . I will put you in contact with other Breeders of Bull Mastiffs if I need to. Selling you a puppy is not my whole purpose in Breeding these awesome Dogs. Letting you share a change of life by having one makes all the work I do worth my time. I hope to give you a new life and new friends to share your joy with. Trust me there will be stories to tell. You will find your self talking about your Bully as if it were your first Baby.
Please read all the information you can about Bullmastiff's before adding one to your family. I will keep supplying all I can. So please take the time to read. It is very important to understand the responsibility of adding this addition to your home.

My Mission

I have found something that is evidence of what God gives. Which is unconditional love. It holds no blame. Considers no wrong done.Not selfish or hold grudges. My Bullmastiff's remind me daily of the satisfaction of real love. I want everyone to know that Love. I breed to perfect the Breed but to also share my experience of the Breed.